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The most effective sun protection is undisputed UV-friendly clothing. Babies and children in particular must be protected against excessive UV radiation. Excessive exposure to the sun is one of the main risk factors for skin cancer.

With body hugging fit, hyphen med is ideal for swimming, snorkeling and swimming. Hyphen med is ideal for on or in the water, in the fresh air, at home or on vacation on sea or in the mountains. In leisure time doing sports and at work. Hyphen med is pleasantly soft and cool even on sensitive skin.

Textile UV protection is recommended in various AWMF guidelines and by the UV protection alliance of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection ( in cooperation with 20 authorities and organizations.

Sun protection clothing is essential if you are predisposed to this, having sensitive and allergic skin, scars and burns, in cancer therapy as well as for various diseases and in connection with a variety of side effects. Sun protection clothing is safe and suitable for almost all parts of the body that are exposed to UV radiation. In contrast to sunscreen, clothing offers unlimited protection against UVA and UVB radiation, does not wash off and does not cause skin irritation.

• Pollutant free
• Skin compatible
• Suitable for water
• Environmentally friendly
• Highest protection factor
• Free from side effects


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The extended size tables with information on bust, waist and hip circumference per clothing size make it easier for you to choose your size.

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