COMPRESSANA Lymphatic cushion

Positioning and storage aid
for arm and hand

Also ideal for sleeping

Supports the return
to working life

Skin Care & Supplies

COMPRESSANA Lymphatic cushion

Positioning and supporting aid for arm and hand

Comfort, hygiene and maximum effectivity – also during sleep and at work

• Ultra light, anatomically shaped
• Arm flexibility despite elevated arm rest position
• Fixation without pressure or constriction by adaptable velcro strap
• Cover is machine washable
• Quality “Made in Germany”

The healing of lymphatic oedema and serious injuries of the arm and hand is supported by an elevated resting position. Swelling is reduced or even prevented. Improves back flow of the blood to the heart as well as the removal of the lymph fluid. The COMPRESSANA lymphatic cushion is a valuable treatment aid for “complex physical decongestive therapy” (CPDT). It can also be used for pain treatment and wound management.

Patients with lymphatic oedema, lip oedema or burns/scalding quite often suffer from bacterial infections (erysipel, abscesses, pus-producing infections and staphylococcus). These infections cause additional swelling, itching, redness of the skin and pain. Therefore, the armrest surface of the COMPRESSANA lymphatic cushion is coated with a silver lining. The silver lining has a bacteriostatic effect, keeps the natural balance of the skin flora and can help to reduce irritating side effects of infections. Additionally, it protects the affected skin parts against contracting further infections.

  • Size 1: circumference forearm ≤ 30 cm

  • Size 2: circumference forearm > 30 cm


In order to guarantee the highest level of comfort for therapeutic arm support, even with frequent use and long periods of use, the COMPRESSANA arm support has a special 3D material structure for climate regulation on the arm support surface. The porous knitted spacer fabric allows air to circulate between the arm and the support surface, which draws excess heat away from the body and noticeably reduces unpleasant sweating.


In cases of lymphoedema or lipoedema as well as burns / scalds, patients often suffer from bacterial infections (erysipelas, abscesses or pus pathogens, such as Staphylococcus). These cause additional swelling, itching, reddening of the skin and pain. For this reason, the arm support surface of the Compressana Lymph Cushion is coated with silver. This has a bacteriostatic effect while maintaining the natural balance of the skin flora and can help to reduce the annoying side effect of inflammation and protect the affected areas from further infections.

Material compostion

All materials used for the arm support are kind to the skin, easy to care for and environmentally friendly. Side parts and support sleeve in the Velcro fastener of the arm support: 100% cotton.

3D knitted fabric with silver finish (arm support surface): 100% PES

Wrapping of the foam base body: PES knitted fabric with PU coating / 70% PU, 30% PES

Washing and care instructions

The removable cover makes the cushion easy to clean and particularly hygienic. The cover fabric can be washed at 40 °C in the washing machine using a mild detergent (see also label). Velcro fasteners must be closed before washing. Only wipe the coated foam base with a damp cloth. Do not put the foam base in the washing machine or tumble dryer.

Maximum efficiency

The ultra-light, anatomically shaped, viscoelastic foam base body in combination with the innovative arm support surface adapts perfectly and ensures therapy-appropriate positioning, even distribution of support pressure and effective pressure relief for the arm and hand area.

The pressure- and constriction-free fixation of the arm with the flexibly adjustable Velcro fastener of the support cuff allows the user the highest possible freedom of movement despite elevation.

The stable arm position remains guaranteed even when changing the position and during sleep. This means that the aid can be used comfortably and variably in many life situations: In everyday situations, at the workplace or for prevention during the night’s rest.