Phase 2: Continuative care – conservation phase

For success in the conservation phase

Compression combined with movement ensures therapy success: COMPRESSANA ULCER SYSTEM provides secure wearing comfort, full freedom of movement, and mobility. Normal sportswear and shoes can be worn.


Once the fluctuation in circumference has stabilized within the decongestion phase, the two-layered COMPRESSANA ULCER SYSTEM can be used. When worn together, it achieves a compression pressure corresponding to compression class 3.

Medical Compression Stocking System


for the treatment of venous leg ulcers

COMPRESSANA ULCER SYSTEM is a two-layered medical compression stocking system designed for the treatment of venous leg ulcers and is available in standard and custom sizes. It is available in standard and custom sizes and consists of an outer stocking and two inner stockings for changing. When worn together, the compression pressure from ULCER FORTE and ULCER INTRA combines to create a resting pressure corresponding to compression class III (CCL3).

These two stocking components are matched perfectly to each other and are very easy to use: the inner stocking with light compression is used to secure the wound dressing and padding. It can be worn continuously on the affected leg for permanent compression, day and night. The outer stocking with moderate compression is worn during the day to enhance the compression over the inner stocking.

The inner stocking, together with the provided donning aid, facilitates donning (including by nursing staff if necessary) and protects the sensitive skin during the application of the outer stocking. The heel/instep marking helps with precise positioning. An external toe seam protects sensitive skin in the toe area. The advantages of long-term compression therapy with two-layered ulcer compression systems include practicality, compliance, and improved outcomes. The higher stiffness of two-layered ulcer compression systems can lead to faster and better healing and reduced recurrence rates.

Compression combined with movement ensures treatment success: COMPRESSANA ULCER SYSTEM provides non-slip wearing comfort, full freedom of movement and mobility. Regular sportswear and shoes can be worn.


Inner stocking with light compression


ULCER INTRA inner stockings are made from skin-friendly material with an external seam, they fix wound dressings and pads in a non-slip manner. They are fitted with a heel/instep marking for precise positioning and can be worn day and night for continuous compression.

  • For continuous compression day and night

  • Inner stocking with CCL 1 and closed toe

  • External toe seam protects sensitive skin in the toe area

  • Facilitates the donning of the outer stocking with the included aid

  • Protects sensitive skin during donning and doffing of the outer stocking

  • Fixes wound dressings and pressure pads in a non-slip manner

  • Fitted with a special heel/instep marking for precise positioning

  • soft knit fabric provides a comfortable wearing sensation

  • Also available separately (refill set Art. 183)

Outer stocking with moderate compression


ULCER FORTE outer stocking are worn during the day in addition to the inner stocking, to enhance compression effectiveness.

Combined with active patient movement, the compression stocking system leads to positive treatment outcomes during the conservation phase.

  • Worn during the day to enhance compression over the ULCER INTRA

  • Outer stocking with CCL 2 and open toe

  • leads to a resting pressure of CCL 3, when combined with ULCER INTRA

Compression pads for perimalleolar (Bisgaard) regions

Loose compression pads are used to increase the compressive effect in the ankle area. These are applied to the left and right of the Achilles tendon and in the ankle pits and fixed in place by an overstocking.

Alternative treatment


Low compression for comorbidities

Depending on the vascular situation or existing comorbidities (mixed venous leg ulcers, diabetes mellitus, etc.), treatment with compression class 3 may not be suitable. Since the two-layer ULCER SYSTEM cannot be used in these cases, the ULCER INTRA understocking may be used as an alternative treatment, possibly singularly at night. It is suitable for sensitive legs due to its light compression (class 1) and external seam.

TDuring the day, the use of a medical compression stocking with a lower compression class is recommended (e.g., COMPRESSANA ULCER FORTE in class 2 or FORTE in class 1) with a high material thickness, as the working pressure exerted during movement is crucial. If necessary, a liner stocking without compression is used underneath, such as the INTRA liner stocking SkinProtect® Silver (see image) with antibacterial properties due to the incorporated silver threads. INTRA liners are suitable for protecting sensitive skin and, if necessary, for fixing wound dressings and pads.

The appropriate selection of knitted fabric with high working pressure (flat-knit) and high material thickness, combined with low resting pressure (e.g., class 1, COMPRESSANA FORTE pro, INTRA liner stocking SkinProtect® Silver), increases acceptance in specific indications. Such treatments usually have sufficient effectiveness with enough movement. Further improvement through increasing compression pressure typically requires significant effort under clinical supervision and nursing support.