Flat knitted medical compression stockings and tights

Flat-knitted compression stockings are made flat like a cloth in a complex process stitch by stitch. The compression stocking or compression segment that is created in the process exactly replicates the anatomy, even with very large proportional differences.

Flat-knitted compression products up to CCL IV are almost exclusively custom-made individually.

Stitch by stitch

Only in the flat knitting process can the number of stitches per row of stitches be altered, reductions formed (e.g. inverts / angulations) and particularly homogeneous, even exaggerated finishes created. After completion of the knitted fabric, the ends are sewn together or, better, chained together by a flat elastic seam. This ensures optimal mobility of the joints under compression.

The areas of application:

  • In lymphology for the treatment of lymphoedema and lipoedema and mixed forms, such as phlebo-lymphoedema.

  • In burn and scar therapy

  • For the treatment of complex anatomical situations that cannot be treated with the round knitting technique.

  • For residual limb stockings to shape oedematised soft tissues, improve wound healing and reduce pain after amputation.

The advantages of flat knitted compression stockings:

  • Exact fit

  • Stronger effect due to high working pressure during movement

  • Better support and fewer pressure and chafing points

  • High stability, thus wrinkle-free fit without constrictions

  • Promotion of subcutaneous microcirculation through massage effect


The qualities COMPRESSANA FORTE pro and FORTE stabil are also available in current colours, including:

Cool Blue

Lucky Green

Bloomy Rose

Flash Pink

Happy Yellow

Magic Red

to the colours


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Leaflet compression stockings


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