Phase 3: Recurrence Prevention ensuring long-term treatment success



Even after venous leg ulcers are healed, medical compression stockings are essential for maintaining treatment success. COMPRESSANA ULCER SYSTEM can also be used for recurrence prevention.

If a two-layer compression system is not desired, the choice of compression stockings depends on the degree of edema. Flat-knit solutions, such as COMPRESSANA FORTE pro are recommended in cases of significant edema tendency. If there is less tendency to edema, a circular knit with high working pressure and material thickness can be used, e.g. COMPRESSANA FORTE or COMPRESSANA FREE for particularly easy donning and doffing. Also in this phase, the combination of compression and movement is crucial.

If, despite consistent compression therapy using stocking systems or compression bandages, no healing tendency is apparent in existing venous leg ulcers, the use of IPC (intermittent pneumatic compression) is recommended in addition to the use of compression stockings and bandages (see Guideline on Intermittent Pneumatic Compression 2018, Recommendation 1).

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Therapy (IPC)

IPC should be performed on venous leg ulcer patients at least three times a week for a minimum duration of one hour, with a target pressure of 40-50 mmHg and an inflation/deflation cycle of 15 seconds/10 seconds (see Guideline on Intermittent Pneumatic Compression 2018, Recommendation 9). Additionally, IPC is indicated for patients with severe venous insufficiency in stages C4b to C6 (CEAP classification).


According to the current guideline, it should be noted that IPC cannot be used as a sole replacement for compression therapy with dressings or stockings in the treatment of CVI with venous leg ulcers. However, recent studies have shown that the additional use of IPC (to the leg) in combination with compression stockings or dressings can accelerate and improve healing of venous leg ulcers (see Guideline on Intermittent Pneumatic Compression 2018, 9.2.2).