The perfect good-night garment


During the maintenance phase of oedema therapy, SleepCompress is the perfect addition to a flat knit compression garment. At night and during rest phases, SleepCompress helps to secure the treatment’s success, thus making oedema therapy even more effective and comfortable for patients. The structure of the SleepCompress models itself on the lymphatic pathways. The stitched foam channels guide and support lymphatic drainage, thus ensuring decongestion. This reduces swelling, meaning the pressure caused by oedemas and the feeling of tension are decreased.

Thanks to the practical Velcro fasteners, SleepCompress is ideal for self-care and, thanks to its anatomical fit makes it so comfortable that it makes compression therapy much easier for patients without interruptions.



  • Cooling material

  • Upper limb

  • With fixation aid

  • Light compression

Cared for around the clock

For rest phases

Comfortable & convenient

Art. 6872

Right arm segment

Foam ducts

Material cross-section