Power Socks Sport Competition

Knee highs

With sole reinforcement made of breathable cotton and calf comfort zone

Sporty knit design with an anti-odour bacteriostatic microfibre with airy comfort and a sole reinforcement made of breathable cotton. Reflective design elements serve as safety elements for outdoor sports where applicable.

  • Hygiene and comfort

  • Super-fine and velvety soft

  • Odourless!

  • Breathable sole reinforcement with cotton


dark blue


Calf comfort zone

Reflective stripes

Sole reinforcement with breathable cotton

Power Socks Sport Competition

Tubes & Socks

all seasons

  • More flexibility and freedom of movement

  • Great performance depending on situation and kind of sport

  • In combination a perfect coordinated team

  • Very easy to put on and take off


Power Socks Sport Competition

Pronation Control Socks

Relieving and performance-maintaining compression socks with integrated tapes for endurance sports with overpronation.

Non-adhesive taping tapes, which are welded onto the socks, stimulate the muscles and stabilise the foot three-dimensionally in the longitudinal and transverse arch, so that forces occurring during high stress are better absorbed and dissipated. In various sports (including winter sports), foot correction with tapes plus compression can also lead to a reduction in discomfort in the shoe or boot.


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