Tape Correction Loops


TAPE CORRECTION LOOPS reduce the principle of TAPE SOX to a minimum. Loops are non-adhesive, skin-friendly, everyday tape loops applied to fabric for the correction of hallux valgus and hammertoes.

Loops can be worn barefoot in shoes or under normal socks/socks. They are suitable for all types of shoes, including summer shoes and sandals.

In addition to the long-term functional improvement, the loops, just like the TAPE SOX, immediately change the position of the toes and ensure an aesthetic appearance of the foot. Due to the simple handling, they can be used by anyone who has a corresponding deformity.

In the case of hallux valgus, the loops pull the big toe back into its natural position. This puts the physiologically correct load on the metatarsophalangeal joint when walking or running again and reduces the pain caused by hallux valgus.

In case of a hammer toe, the application pulls the second and/or third toe down. This allows the forefoot to better develop its cushioning effect. The strain on the metatarsal heads is significantly reduced. If you suffer from hallux valgus in combination with hammer toe, loops can also be applied twice to one foot.

You can find more information about TAPE LOOPS at: www.tapesox.de


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  • Skin-friendly tape loops

  • Best possible correction with minimal impairment

  • Ideal for summer shoes or sandals, barefoot or under stockings

  • For ladies and men



The aid suitable for daily use against hallux valgus and hammer toe