Tape Correction Sox

TAPE SOX Type Hallux valgus +Plus

Advanced hallux valgus, which is characterised by a strong bulging of the ball of the big toe – hence the name bunion – as well as an orientation of the big toe partly over the second toe, cannot be influenced in the long term by correcting the toe alone. The severe buckling of the hindfoot leads to increased stress on the forefoot, which promotes the development of splayfoot. This further exacerbates the hallux valgus.

Causes and consequences

In addition to the pronounced bunion, advanced hallux valgus can be characterised by rotation of the big toe and enlarged intermetatarsal angle up to overlapping of the toes, as shown graphically.

TAPE SOX type Hallux valgus +Plus can correct the heel position in addition to the toe position and thus counteract a pes valgus. This combination of the hallux valgus sock and the bent arch sock can functionally counteract the further sinking of the hindfoot and the consequently increasing hallux valgus tendency. The COMPRESSANA TAPE SOX type Hallux valgus +Plus is particularly suitable for people with severe hallux valgus and splayed feet in combination with pes valgus feet.

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