Tape Correction Sox

TAPE SOX Type Pes valgus pronation control

If the heel buckles inwards and forwards under load, the longitudinal arch flattens out. This is referred to as a drop-knee foot. In this case, the heel cannot be stabilised after correct landing on the outside and tilts inwards. If the body weight comes down on the foot, it is also pushed lengthwise. If left untreated, this can turn into a flat foot. This can lead to further problems in the knee and hip area. A shoe sole that is worn down on the inside in the forefoot and heel area indicates overpronation due to flat/low arch.

In addition to the classic areas of application in prevention and therapy, the COMPRESANA taping sock type Pronation Control is particularly predestined for applications in the sports sector. With the help of the bent-pronation sock, the three-dimensionally screwed foot can better handle the forces that occur during increased stress. A forced pronation movement due to progressive fatigue is reduced and painful overloading of the foot, shin muscle and joint is minimised. TAPE SOX can also be used in stabilising running or sports shoes and in combination with specially made insoles.

In addition to flat feet, other foot problems such as hallux valgus, splayfoot, heel spurs, plantar fasciosis and tibialis posterior weakness can be counteracted.

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Type Pes valgus/Pronation Control – Correction socks with tapes