Medical compression stockings


incomparably attractive

The use of high-performance yarns and an optimised manufacturing and finishing process achieve an unsurpassed uniform and fine mesh pattern.

COMPRESSANA LEGANZA convinces with an advantageously smooth surface.

The very fine texture produces a surprisingly pleasant feel and a wonderful softness on the skin. COMPRESSANA LEGANZA is fine and delicate.

COMPRESSANA LEGANZA offers a superior look thanks to its innovative materials. Natural compression threads allow discreet transparency and thus accentuate the natural skin tone.

Shaping specially adapted to the anatomy and excellent stretch characteristics ensure optimum wearer comfort in all situations. COMPRESSANA LEGANZA also impresses with its advantageous accentuation of the leg shape and visibly ensures a feminine silhouette.


  • Exciting highly sensitive

  • Extremely fine and silky shining

  • Even, smooth surface structure

  • Adapted to the anatomy for perfect wearing comfort

  • Easy-care suitable for machine wash and tumble dryer

with open toe,
seamless and form stable

elegant closed toe
and unobtrusive heel

The thigh section

  • adaptable, highly elastic thigh section with stretch reserves

  • feminine adhesive straps in Italian design, sewn without overlapping

The panties

  • anatomically cut panties

  • different elasticity and

    stretch zones

  • airy mesh and non bulky material

  • Flat knitted waistband, comfortable & convenient

Knee and calf area

  • soft, stretchy and constriction-free knee area

  • Seamless, knitted around ribbed waistband as soft edge for knee socks

The foot

  • Fully reinforced sole section

  • generous, airy toe

  • soft and particularly finely worked seams on the toe of the foot

The knitted fabric

  • streak-free and without colour transitions

  • Natural threads for a feminine sheen and fine look

  • Softness, transparency and exceptionally uniform and fine stitch pattern due to innovative yarn and knitting technology

  • knitted on the most modern knitting machines

  • gently dyed and elaborately refined

Use and handling

  • climate, temperature and



  • easy to clean, machine washable and

    suitable for tumble dryer

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For Compression Therapy

Leaflet compression stockings


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