Medical compression stockings

Compressana Sensitiv

incredibly smooth

COMPRESSANA SENSITIV envelops the leg with its fine-meshed and soft knitted fabric.

COMPRESSANA SENSITIV is easy to put on and offers maximum wearing comfort. The compression pressure is distributed gently and evenly. There is no more annoying pinching and pressing. You immediately forget that you are wearing a compression stocking. Soft in the hand and on the skin. The high-quality, double-wound yarns flatter the skin and offer the best tolerance, skin protection and durability.

The stockings are breathable and regulate moisture. The even and covering stitch pattern offers both men and women a visually appealing appearance.

  • Fine-meshed, even and soft

  • Especially comfortable to wear

  • Climate regulating, breathable

  • easy to clean, suitable for washing machine and tumble dryer

with closed toe

with open toe, seamless and form stable

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For Compression Therapy

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