Medical compression stockings

Compressana NOVA

Unashamedly transparent

Unobtrusive appearance, airiness, transparency and fit make our classic COMPRESSANA NOVA unique among compression stockings. Das finden auch unsere Kunden:

“I would like to take this opportunity to praise NOVA. So far – and I have tried quite a few models over the years – these are the first stockings that are really comfortable to wear, that last all day without me having to pull them up. I can wear them even in warm temperatures without feeling uncomfortable. They are also much less susceptible to running. Thank you so much for bringing this model to the market, you have done a great service to many people and made compression therapy MUCH more comfortable!

As an addendum, I would like to say that NOVA stockings are also the best in terms of fashion. I’m 39 and I certainly don’t feel like walking around in shiny or totally opaque granny stockings. I wear NOVA normally with skirts and it is not at all noticeable that they are compression stockings.”

Best regards, M.B”

  • Highly transparent

  • Lightweight fabric

  • Ideal in summer

  • Easy-care, suitable for washing machines and dryers

with closed toe

with open toe

Anatomically perfect toe with flat seam

also with open toe

Especially attractive with lace band

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For Compression Therapy

Leaflet compression stockings


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