Functional support stockings and travel stockings

Compressana THERMO

Below-knee stocking with Merinowool

A major advantage of wool is its ability to absorb moisture of up to 30% of its own weight without feeling damp. Air contained in the cavities of the fibre forms an insulating layer that, on the one hand, does not allow cold outside temperatures to reach the skin and, on the other hand, stores body heat. When using merino wool with the finest fibre density, the skin nerves are not irritated and therefore this wool is perceived as comfortable by most people. Wool also has antibacterial properties. Even after a strenuous day of wear, a high-quality wool sock still smells pleasant.

COMPRESSANA Thermo is also suitable as an understocking in extreme cold, or due to the natural blister protection of wool, e.g. when hiking or doing sports.

Thermolite: The functional fibre Thermolite is incorporated into the sole of the foot for insulation. Thanks to hollow fibre technology, Thermolite offers cosy warmth at a very low weight. The sizere surface and the texture of Thermolite allow best moisture transport and quick evaporation. Thermolite is ideally complemented by high-quality wool.


  • Warming support effect against cold feet

  • Soft and pleasant to the skin

  • Merinowool plus Thermolite

  • Reinforced foot sole

Below-knee stockings with Merinowool

Reinforced foot sole

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Below-knee stockings with skin-friendly cotton
  • support class IV – strong (ca. 21 mmHg)

  • yarn-dyed

  • cosy

  • durable

  • strong thick material

  • especially effective support


Below-knee stockings with skin-friendly cotton
  • support class III – forte (approx. 18 mmHg)

  • fine elegant stitch pattern

  • effective support

  • ideal as travel stocking

  • pleasant to wear

  • optimal fit and fine mesh

  • skin-friendly and breathable cotton

  • linked toe


Below-knee stockings with X-Static / Silver
  • support class III – forte (approx. 18 mmHg)

  • antimicrobial

  • itch-relieving

  • moisture-absorbing

  • temperature regulating

  • antistatic

  • linked toe


Tights and stockings with extra high cotton content
  • support class II – medium (approx. 14 mmHg)

  • opaque, fine mesh and attractive appearance

  • cuddly, soft and breathable

  • with natural and skin friendly cotton

  • perfect comfort and fit

  • outside microfiber, inside natural cotton plus highly elastic Lycra


COMPRESSANA Socks and Stockings

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Functional support stockings with natural and high-tech fibres


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