Functional support stockings and travel stockings

Compressana X-Static

Below-knee stockings with X-Static

Silver contracts a wide range of bacteria and fungus and consequently reduces the risk of infection.

  • Antimicrobial, antibacterial, fungal and odour-reducing fibre

  • Alleviates pruritus

  • Moisture conducting

  • Temperature regulating

  • Antistatic

  • Non rubbing seam

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Below-knee stockings with skin-friendly cotton
  • support class IV – strong (ca. 21 mmHg)

  • yarn-dyed

  • cosy

  • durable

  • strong thick material

  • especially effective support


Below-knee stockings with skin-friendly cotton
  • support class III – forte (approx. 18 mmHg)

  • fine elegant stitch pattern

  • effective support

  • ideal as travel stocking

  • pleasant to wear

  • optimal fit and fine mesh

  • skin-friendly and breathable cotton

  • linked toe


Below-knee stocking with merino wool
  • support class III – forte (approx. 16 mmHg)

  • warming against cold feet and legs

  • soft and pleasant to the skin

  • Merino wool plus Thermolite

  • reinforced sole


Tights and stockings with extra high cotton content
  • support class II – medium (approx. 14 mmHg)

  • opaque, fine mesh and attractive appearance

  • cuddly, soft and breathable

  • with natural and skin friendly cotton

  • perfect comfort and fit

  • outside microfiber, inside natural cotton plus highly elastic Lycra


COMPRESSANA Socks and Stockings

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Functional support stockings with natural and high-tech fibres


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