advantages of the GoWell MED Soft health socks

Health socks

GoWell MED Soft

Fine, light and cosy special sock

A noticeably lighter and softer feel is achieved through the use of cotton core yarn. The natural, soft stretch of the material ensures a snug, wrinkle-free fit.

MED Soft is seamless at the toe, non-constricting at the closure and pressure-free.

Suitable for diabetics, rheumatics and for all those who want a light and snug fit. Vein-friendly.

The colours white and nature are boil-proof and suitable for machine washing at 90°.



dark blue


Similar products

MED Multi

  • extremely adaptable medical multifunctional sock

  • pressure relieving

  • Air-Comfort padding

  • Suitable for diabetics and rheumatics, vein-friendly

MED Thermo

  • warming and padded special medical sock

  • pressure relieving

  • optimal for feet sensitive to cold

  • suitable for diabetics and rheumatics, vein-friendly

MED X-Static

  • fine special sock

  • with pure silver for sensitive feet

  • ideal for sensitive skin

  • suitable for diabetics, allergy sufferers, for swelling, foot odour, foot perspiration, for sensitive and temperature-sensitive feet.

Inshoe-Socks and Steps

  • more comfortable than barefoot in a shoe

  • protect valuable stockings from damage in the foot area


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