Health socks

GoWell MED Thermo

Pressure-relieving, strongly warming and padded special sock

Warming sock in comfort widths. Activating and odour-reducing effect through the use of conductive, climate-regulating silver fibres. Merino wool provides protection against the cold. Can be used where large foot and shaft widths are required due to the high elasticity. The special sole construction and Air-Comfort padding offer sensitive foot areas the best possible protection against pressure points, chafing and blisters.

Optimal for feet sensitive to cold, adverse climatic conditions. Ideal in winter shoes. Vein-friendly, suitable for diabetics and rheumatics.


Similar products

MED Multi

  • extremely adaptable medical multifunctional sock

  • pressure relieving

  • Air-Comfort padding

  • Suitable for diabetics and rheumatics, vein-friendly

MED X-Static

  • fine special sock

  • with pure silver for sensitive feet

  • ideal for sensitive skin

  • suitable for diabetics, allergy sufferers, for swelling, foot odour, foot perspiration, for sensitive and temperature-sensitive feet.

MED Soft

  • fine, light and cuddly special socks

  • made of elastic cotton yarn

  • Suitable for diabetics and rheumatics, vein-friendly

Inshoe-Socks and Steps

  • more comfortable than barefoot in a shoe

  • protect valuable stockings from damage in the foot area


COMPRESSANA Socks and Stockings

Brochure, for healthy and beautiful legs