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Compressana COTTON

consequently natural

COMPRESSANA COTTON is the skin-friendly alternative for compression stockings. The high cotton content gives these compression stockings a particularly pleasant and natural wearing comfort. COMPRESSANA COTTON is popular with people who complain of dry and itchy skin and who prefer natural materials.

The special feature of COMPRESSANA COTTON is the processing. Thanks to a special technique, the cotton is only on the inside of the stocking. This results in almost 100% coverage of the leg with the natural fibre, while the hard-wearing synthetic fibres protect the outside from rapid wear and tear.

COMPRESSANA COTTON is the ideal compression stocking for those who like it natural against the skin.


  • Soft, smooth cotton inside

  • Air-permeable and very skin friendly

  • Hardwearing by abrasion-resistant exterior

with closed soft toe

with open toe, seamless and form stable

As thigh-high stocking with non-slip nubbed adhesive band

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strong, soft, attractive
  • sleek ribbed look

  • skin friendly cotton inside


easy and comfortable
  • easy to put on and take off

  • more freedom of movement and comfort

  • better hold, less cutting in and slipping


reassuringly effective
  • hard-wearing and durable

  • easy dressing

  • soft and cuddly


For Compression Therapy

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