medical compression stockings


Easy & comfortable

Innovative knitting technology with integrated functional zones, sliding yarn technology and controlled elasticity for a new feeling of compression. Due to its many features and benefits, COMPRESSANA FREE is suitable for a very wide range of indications for men and women of all ages and all constitutions and offers noticeable therapy relief even for beginners or people with physical disabilities/restrictions.

Discreet appearance suitable for everyday use, soft, skin-friendly, breathable yarns ensure uncomplicated handling, better durability and make everyday life easier for patients and care personnel.


  • Unsurpassed easy donning and doffing and easiest handling ever

  • More mobility and comfort

  • Better hold, less slipping

  • Noticeable therapy efficiency through high pressure

with closed toe

with open toe

Functional zones in the instep and heel area

Open toe with seamless edge

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strong and highly effective
  • high therapy efficiency

  • comfortable to wear thanks to plush

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consequently natural
  • soft, supple cotton inside

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incredibly smooth
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For Compression Therapy

Leaflet compression stockings


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